My experience as a visiting scholar in Balscom Palmer Eye Insintitute

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I was honored a learning chance in Balscom Palmer Eye Insintitute from May 2013 to June 2014, which has gained U.S.A No.1 ranking for 12 years continuously and been dream for all ophthalmologists in the world. This eye institute was an important department in Miller school of medicine and affiliated to University of Miami. There were two buildings in the institute, one for clinical work, the other for the basic research. My main learning content was in the basic research building. Meanwhile, I also learned in clinic with Professor Perez on ocular surface diseases.

   There were all kinds of equipments and facilities for experimental research in the basic research building. From the more common eye illnesses to the most complex ocular diseases, Bascom Palmer researchers and physicians are leading the way in finding the underlying causes and genetic factors in ophthalmology, with the goal of developing the most targeted therapy for each patient. I have studied on immunology of corneal transplantation, new fluorescein protein for testing cell apoptosis, and preliminary exploration of optical coherent tomography. With kindly help from the teachers, I underwent a good training for basic research.

   Bascom Palmer’s physicians are recognized international leaders in their fields of expertise in every subspecialty in ophthalmology. The Institute’s clinician-scientists use the latest diagnostics and surgical techniques for patients with cataracts, glaucoma, corneal diseases and other ocular diseases. They are also involved in clinical trials using gene therapy, genomics and stem cell therapy. I was lucky to learn with Professor Perez and observed many advanced operations and incurable diseases.

   I published an article and attended an ophthalmology international meeting during study. I hope to do more meaningful work after I come back to our red-cross hospital.