Deng Min

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M.d, chief TCM physician, Postgraduate Tutor, vice president of the hospital.

Dr. Deng is the key discipline of emergency medicine leader of Hangzhou, also is a member of the Standing Committee of integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Branch of Chinese Physicians' Association, honorary member of the Emergency Medicine branch of Chinese and Western Medicine Association of China, member of the Standing Committee of Emergency Medicine of Zhejiang Medical Association, vice-President of the Emergency Branch of Zhejiang Provincial Physicians' Association. Dr. Deng is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Mathematical Medicine Society of Zhejiang province, vice chairman of emergency branch of Zhejiang society of TCM and integrate Chinese and Western Medicine. He also is chairman of emergency branch of Hangzhou Medical Association, deputy director of Hangzhou emergency medical quality control center and lecture of public course ‘Doctor-patient Communication Science’ of Resident Standardization Training of Zhejiang province. In addition, Dr. Deng is an expert of cadre health care and Medical mediation committee, also is an appraisement expert of medical accident in Hangzhou.

Dr. Deng has been engaged in clinical and scientific research of integrated emergency treatment of traditional Chinese and western medicine. He has rich experience in the treatment of acute cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases, acute myocardial infarction, acute heart failure, acute respiratory failure, MODS and other emergency diseases, especially in the comprehensive rescue management and the combination treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine of acute critical illness.

Dr. Deng has published more than 40 articles at all levels academic journals, SCI includes 1, also contributed to 3 academic monographs, and participated in 2 national key scientific research programs. He has presided 4 provincial and city science research projects, has won the second prize of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Institute of Science and Technology Innovation Award, and the third prize of Hangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Award.