SHAO Zhengyang

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Professor, chief TCM physician, Postgraduate Tutor. Deputy Secretary of the hospital Party committee, Discipline Inspection.

Undergraduated from Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University in 1985, Bachelor. Received master’s degree of public administration of Zhejiang University in 2004. Professor Shao has engaged in pediatric clinical, teaching and scientific research for 30 years. He has sturdy basic theory knowledge and rich clinical experience, and is committed to the TCM, traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of common diseases, difficult diseases in pediatrics, especially skilled in the combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of children's respiratory, digestive system diseases, children's kidney disease and allergic purpura. He is in charge of the ‘curing winter disease in summer’ and ‘herbal paste’ clinics for children with recurrent respiratory infection and asthma, making some innovations on the Chinese medicine external treatment of children.

 Professor Shao has worked as pediatric director and deputy chief of medical administration department of our hospital. He is a member of the Pediatric Specialized Committee for Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine. In addition, he is executive director of pediatric education of China Association of Chinese medicine for research on Higher Education, member of Zhejiang society of TCM, vice chairman of the Pediatric Specialized Committee for Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine in Zhejiang Province. He also is the chairman of the Pediatric Specialized Committee of Hangzhou society of TCM, vice president of Hangzhou Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, executive director of Acupuncture and Massage Association of Hangzhou.

Professor Shao has presided and joined in more than ten provincial and city science research projects. He has won the second prize of Zhejiang Provincial Chinese medicine Institute of Science and Technology Award, and the third prize of Hangzhou Health Technology Innovation Award. He has published more than 20 papers at all levels academic journals, also contributed to the book of Chinese Medicine Treatment for Children which editored by Chinese medicine publishing house.