International Medical

International collaboration offers the opportunity to improve medical care in innovative ways through the sharing of ideas, the teaching of new clinical skills, and the adoption of best practices. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital has embraced                        their opportunities in international collaboration in order to better our patients. Our international partners, whether institutional or individual foreign clinicians working at our hospital, have been a big part of giving our                        patients treatment opportunities they cannot gain in any other way. The successes resulting from each individual partnership have helped SRRSH reach its goal of modernizing treatment for better patient outcomes.

Our Partners and Achievements

Cabrini Health
● Established heart center exchange program starting in 2010
● Built China Project office to broaden partnership to cover entire hospital
Genesys Regional Medical Center
● In 2010 created first American standard family practice residency program
Loma Linda University
● Longest partnership starting in 1991 covering all aspects of health care
● Over 1000 people have participated in medical exchange, including hands-on training in a new program launched                        in 2011
● Loma Linda leaders have received provincial and national awards for their service to Zhejiang Province and China
● Pioneered first dental hygiene program in China in 2009
● Implemented internal medicine                        residency program in 2011
● Offered medical leadership training conferences in China starting in 2012
Mayo Clinic
● Medical staff training base established to improve managerial and clinical skill in 2007
● Established electronic consultation for better patient treatment in 2011
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
● Their China Project has facilitated surgeon exchanges since 2005
● Participated in hiring expert long-term staff for SRRSH
Shizuoka Hospital
● Established international exchange of clinicians in 2010
● Common goals of improving hospital management and standards

There are many other important individuals and institutions whom we are proud to have partnered with, including the University of British Columbia,the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the University of Zurich. We appreciate                        and recognize the successes that every partnership has brought.

At SRRSH we are proud of our record of ensuring that partnerships are successful for both the partner organization and the patients we serve. As a public teaching hospital, SRRSH offers many advantages to partners interested in Chinese                        healthcare as a result of our connections to Zhejiang University and the Zhejiang Health Bureau. We also have a very high case load allowing physicians to see a variety of clinically rare diseases. All of these successes are made                        possible by the cultural understanding and language capabilities of our staff. Overall, SRRSH is a very strong partner for those healthcare institutions interested in building cross-border collaborations.