The orthopedics department is the key department of the hospital, which the spinal disease research is the key construction specialist of Zhejiang, and also the cooperative base of Ministry of health bone osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment.  our department has great medical team with experience doctors and abundant scientific research and clinical technical force, frequently communication with the domestic and foreign technical. Such as University of Miami, Sheffield,UKmedical center, Shanghai Jiaotong University  School of medicine.


    Our department specializes in the treatment of cervical spondylosis, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with treatment using lumbocrural pain, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal instability slip, stenosis of the spinal canal, spinal scoliosis, spinal tuberculosis, spinal tumor, cervical, thoracic palsy difficult problems.

   Our department took the lead in carrying out the transforaminal endoscopic intervertebral disc herniation of the nucleus pulposus removal surgery at Zhejiang province, transforaminal endoscopic spinal canal enlarged decompression, to carry out a wide range of osteoporotic compression fractures with percutaneous vertebral plasty, scoliosis correction surgery, spinal fractures paraplegia, segments before and after road disease debridement and decompression and fixation each kind of high difficulty operation. At the same time, our hospital is the center of tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment center.  We carry out spinal tuberculosis anteroposterior surgery more than 500 sets in recent years. We are one of the earliest to carry out activities of joint tuberculosis artificial joint replacement hospital, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis of bone and joint technology. 

    Academic leaders were to go to the United States, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong and other places for academic exchange, tracking domestic and international the most advanced clinical technology, completed the type IIII spinal surgery more than 2500 cases nearly ten years, has good reputation in society. .


     Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined for oint diseases which has a strong technical background, has imported a full set of arthroscopy system and a series of the most advanced joint disease diagnosis and treatment means. And we cooperative with Europe,America,South Korea,Japanand others.  with the latest technology we can relieve the pain for the patient, and combined with traditional Chinese medicine, we have good treatment plan for osteoporosis, middle-aged and elderly people osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis, reactive arthritis has remarkable curative effect. At present, we carry out the study of bone cartilage transplantation, all kinds of joint surgery, all kinds of ligament repair and reconstructive surgery, all kinds of arthroscopic surgery, all kinds of artificial joint replacement surgery.  With Total 1200 cases of clinical experience of knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty, there are more than 1000 cases of arthroscopic surgery experience and more than 350 cases of knee cruciate ligament reconstruction clinical experience

     Trauma repair and microsurgery are needed in the injury, accident and other causes of fracture and ligament injury, to avoid the pain from the surgery, reduce the incidence of complications. We have profound experience of major trauma and repair of bone and soft tissue defects. A wide range of fracture reduction and internal fixation techniques were developed. To carry out the limb and finger replantation and reconstruction of fingers, latissimus dorsi muscle flap, plantar flap, iliac bone flap, free fibula flap transplantation surgery. We can repair a variety of bone and soft tissue defects. Total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty has more than 1200 cases of clinical experience, there are more than 1000 cases of arthroscopic surgery experience and more than 350 cases of knee cruciate ligament reconstruction clinical experience.


The Department not only has the most advanced equipment and technology, to carry out all kinds of sophisticated Department of orthopedics surgery as the first hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in china , but also inherit and carry forward the Chinese herbs. The treatment of fracture, manipulation and herbal fumigation, acupotomy, and herbal external applying.  We have experience of using Haitongpi for foot care, Jinhuangsan formula, neck shoulder lumbocrural pain series external plaster; according to the needs of patients, no surgery or minimally invasive surgical knife, the clinical curative effect is very satisfied for the majority of patients.