Kidney Disease department is authorization key discipline by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang integrated TCM&Western medicine Assassination. 

  Our department is a united team of academic leaders. Chief physician Tao Xiaojuan, is the fifth batch of the national old Chinese medicine experts academic experience inheritance teacher .In many years of clinical accumulation, she summaries a set of distinctive theory to treat rheumatic diseases and kidney disease.The combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment is an effective application in clinical practice.

  We treat systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) based on the theory of "treating from the lung" .With this method, the infection rate and antimicrobial drug use rate are greatly reduced. "Huangqin collutory" is a patterned formula which resolve dry mouth symptom of dryness syndrome patients and prevent oral infection during the treatment of immunosuppressive treatment for diffuse connective tissue disease.

After a long-term clinical study, we set up a Chinese medicine rheumatism external treatment center.It effectively improves the clinical efficacy of rheumatism.The  external treatment center supply treatments such as traditional Chinese medicine fumigation,Chinese medicine paste, acupuncture, moxibustion, wax therapy, massage, and modern science and technology such as iontophoresis, far infrared, microwave, and other methods combination to improve the therapeutic effects.

Purify the blood is another alterntive to change the inner environmental from the traditional "renal replacement" for "kidney".That is to say, through blood purification to change the body's internal environment, it supplies a good conditionfor patients who needs to treat the original disease. The

By combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, on the base of hemodialysis,we use TCM therapy to improve the constitution of the patients and improve the living quality of patients. The combination of TCM and Western medicine helps delaying the progress of chronic renal failure.The longgest one who has been in dialysis for 16 years.