Hospital Introduction


Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital (Zhejiang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine , Affiliated Hangzhou Chest Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine) was founded in 1928, formerly known as Ren’ai Hospital founded at the present site by French Catholic Sister Hauegrad. It is one of the Grade III Level A integrated Chinese and Western medicine hospitals in China and the first chest hospital in Zhejiang Province.


Through generations of efforts and numerous difficulties, Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital has continuously expanded its scale, improved its medical technology, enhanced its comprehensive strength, and increasingly highlighted its characteristics of integrated Chinese and Western medicine. Now Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital has developed into a modern general hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention and health care. Professor Chen Keji, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the honorary president of the hospital.


The hospital is located in the core area of the intersection of Huancheng East Road and Fengqi road in the main urban area of Hangzhou. It has a unique geographical location, adjacent to Shahe River and Qianjiang New City, with convenient transportation.


The hospital has 42 clinical Dept., 9 medical technical Dept. and 38 nursing units. The hospital has 2 national key clinical specialties, 5 key specialties of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4 key specialties of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Province, 1 key discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Province, and 10 key disciplines (2 peak disciplines) of Hangzhou City.


The department of infectious disease, rheumatology, gynecology, acupuncture, endocrinology, pediatrics, respiratory, thoracic surgery, orthopedics, pain and other disciplines in the hospital has a great influence in the city and even the whole province.


The hospital undertakes the provincial and municipal construction of tuberculosis, municipal anesthesia, traditional Chinese medicine nursing, traditional Chinese medicine spleen and stomach disease, traditional Chinese medicine lung disease, and traditional Chinese medicine bone injury quality control center. It is the leading unit of Zhejiang Provincial Tuberculosis Alliance and the joint initiating unit of Yangtze River Delta Pulmonary Alliance.


The hospital has 1000 approved beds and 1,670 employees, including 305 senior professional titles, 31 doctors, 346 masters, 1 Ph.D supervisor and 36 master supervisors. The hospital has 11 provincial and municipal famous TCM practitioners, 3 national senior TCM experts' academic experience inheritance guidance teachers, 2 health innovation talents training objects of Zhejiang Province, 5 new medical talents of Zhejiang Province, 38 Zhejiang "151" talents, Hangzhou "131" talents, 49 part-time professors and associate professors.In recent years, the hospital has undertaken more than 300 scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), the Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China, the Provincial Public Welfare Technology Research Project, the Provincial Medical and Health Science and Technology Plan, and the Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Plan. It has won more than 30 provincial and municipal science and technology awards.


The hospital has advanced magnetic resonance imaging system (3.0T and 1.5T), high-end Philips Brilliance iCT (256-slice ultra-fast CT), digital subtraction angiography X-ray machine (DSA), central monitoring system and other high-end instruments and surgical equipment, as well as high-power holmium laser, ultrasonic bone cutting, high-definition digital endoscope and other surgical equipment.The hospital has 12 modern operating rooms, including one tuberculosis operating room and one hundred level laminar flow operating room, which provides a solid hardware foundation for clinical medical teaching and research work.


In 2012, the hospital took the lead in the pilot of smart medical treatment in the province to promote the intellectualization of medical treatment process. In 2017, the hospital once again took the lead in the province's mobile medical insurance payment pilot. In 2019, as the first pilot unit of "City Brain • Comforting for Medical Treatment" in Hangzhou, the hospital realized the "maximum payment for medical treatment". In addition, the hospital has also established the "International Medical Tele-consultation Center", with advanced audio and video transmission equipment, to promote the intelligent and efficient medical services.


The hospital is now the national key integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital construction unit, Zhejiang Province integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine "famous hospital" construction unit, Zhejiang Province civilized hospital, Zhejiang Province green hospital and Hangzhou civilized unit.


The combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is the foundation of the hospital, the high quality medical service is the way to revitalize the hospital, and the promotion of humanistic quality is our strategy to strengthen the hospital. The staff of the Red Cross will continue to uphold the hospital motto of “mercy with fine medicine, inspirational with practice ", carry forward the hospital spirit of "Unity, Dedication, Kindness, Integrity", adhere to the people's health as the center, forge ahead, make unremitting efforts, and strive to build a modern "century-old hospital" with the characteristics of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.